About Us

WheelFixIt was founded in 2005 by Elliot Cheyne offering an unequaled service in "On The Spot" rim, paint and interior repairs on the Costa Del Sol. Reliable, cost effective at your home or at the office. Specialising in S.M.A.R.T. repairs with astonishing results.

Our services cover all angles and types of repair across a range of cosmetic damage to cars including alloy wheel damage commonly caused by kerbing, chips and scuffs from small collisions, rips, tears and holes within the car interior, bumper repairs, small dings and dents, scratches and paint chips and various windscreen repairs.

Interior Repairs

The most common form of interior damage is cigarette burns, holes from phone mountings and general wear and tear to trim panels and leather seat bolsters.

Interior damage such as described has a negative effect on both the cosmetic appearance and also overall value of the vehicle.

New technology and processes have enabled the Automotive Repair Systems technician to repair damage such as illustrated above to a high standard with accurate colour matching being achieved.

WheelFixIt use a very high tech piece of equipment called a spectrometer that electronically reads the colour of plastic or leather to enable a near perfect match leaving a virtually undetectable repair.

Dashboard Holes - Holes in hard vinyl surfaces can be filled and colour matched

Velour - Cigarette burns/holes in both plain and patterned velour/upholstery and carpets can be matched

Vinyl/Leather - Repairs to tears/scuffs in both vinyl and leather seats can also be undertaken to a prestine standard

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