About Us

WheelFixIt was founded in 2005 by Elliot Cheyne offering an unequaled service in "On The Spot" rim, paint and interior repairs on the Costa Del Sol. Reliable, cost effective at your home or at the office. Specialising in S.M.A.R.T. repairs with astonishing results.

Our services cover all angles and types of repair across a range of cosmetic damage to cars including alloy wheel damage commonly caused by kerbing, chips and scuffs from small collisions, rips, tears and holes within the car interior, bumper repairs, small dings and dents, scratches and paint chips and various windscreen repairs.

Bumpers & Plastic Repair

A bumper scuff is light collision damage on either front or rear bumpers, mouldings or their casings. A bumper Scuff usually covers a corner of a bumper but sometime can involve other parts of the panel. Also known as bumper scrapes and bumper scratches they are caused by light impact with either another vehicle or stationery object.

WheelFixIt would are able to repair the Bumper scuff without respraying the whole Bumper. Repair time for the bumper scuff paint repair would be approximately 2 - 3 hours.

Modern bumpers, and other colour coded trims, are easily repaired. Any splits are plastic welded. Any distortioning is heated up and "massaged" back into shape.

The paint damage is filled, primed and resprayed, blending into the rest of the bumper. Textured, un-painted plastic bumpers and trims can also be repaired.

These are filled and primed, then a texture spray which replicates the original finish is applied, before a colour matched dye is sprayed over the top and absorbed into the plastic.

Your bumpers are returned to showroom condition in no time for a fraction of the cost of a traditional repair or replacement.

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