About Us

WheelFixIt was founded in 2005 by Elliot Cheyne offering an unequaled service in "On The Spot" rim, paint and interior repairs on the Costa Del Sol. Reliable, cost effective at your home or at the office. Specialising in S.M.A.R.T. repairs with astonishing results.

Our services cover all angles and types of repair across a range of cosmetic damage to cars including alloy wheel damage commonly caused by kerbing, chips and scuffs from small collisions, rips, tears and holes within the car interior, bumper repairs, small dings and dents, scratches and paint chips and various windscreen repairs.

Alloy Wheel Repair

Alloy wheels are now standard fitment on over 90% of new cars which, although cosmetically appearing far superior to the older style wheels, are very susceptible to either kerb or pothole damage.

Replacing allow wheels can cost hundreds of pounds or euros. The restoration of your damaged alloy wheel rims makes your whole car look brand new, and represents exceptional value for money based on the cost of refurbishing your wheels alone.

Expert Alloy Wheel Refurbishment To Repair Scuffs. Blemishes on your alloy wheels can ruin the appearance of your car, that’s why the alloy wheel refurbishment service from Wheel Smart Repairs can help retain its value.

Your wheels could be: Scuffed, Chipped, Corroded, Rusty, Leaking or simply for cosmetic reasons they need a change of colour or finish. Whatever your requirements, in most cases WheelFixIt can solve the problem.

Through our team of mobile SMART technicians we offer an onsite Alloy Wheel refurbishment service that is fast (normally under 1 hour), efficient, environmentally friendly and a cost effective alternative to expensive Wheel replacement.

The process is undertaken using various techniques and our bespoke equipment depending on the nature of the damage, style and make of wheel. The refurbishment process will result in the Wheel being returned to a high standard of finish.

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