New product HENCO 1020 Removes Rust Stains/Flash Rust and Scale build-up

Treat and remove both marine growth and scale build-up from any seawater cooling equipment, piping systems and vessel hulls.

The problem
Marine growthis a challengethatboatownershave facedfor severalyears. It has been one
of the major cause sof malfunctions inA/C & refrigeration systems, pumps,impeller failures, piping and other seawater coolingsystems on board.The growth reduces the equipment efficiency and will eventually result in equipment downtime and breakdowns.

The water scale, which is a coating of mineral deposits that forms over time on surfaces that are in contact with untreated water, can be detrimental to heat exchangers as it reduces its efficiency, restrict water flow and by time it can cause the cooling system to fail. If unchecked, the boat owner will face breakdowns, process contamination and also may have to replace certain equipment.

Flushing the systems before the problem gets worse can save the owner high costs and time on repairs and equipment replacement.


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