The use of Eca-water on ships

The use of Eca-water on ships. With HENCO 9090 you can replace the vast majority of chemical cleaners. HENCO 9090 is environmentally friendly and harmless to animals and humans. Should you get to drink it, nothing will happen.

The right solution to a problem today is not only a solution that is effective, but also a solution that takes into account the environment, its people and animals and of course their
future. Our solutions can help you and your crew take the necessary considerations to ensure that the United Nations 17 world goals are met.

Indoor climate
The indoor climate can be improved in most places. The indoor climate is of great importance for the well-being of individuals and for their long-term health.

Most places are disinfected according to current rules and recommendations. Unfortunately, many recommendations are often outdated. We offer the latest technology in disinfection and guarantee the best results in the world.

Cleaning thoroughly in all places is of the utmost importance today. Proper cleaning secures everyone and everything for both the short term and the long term. Proper cleaning is an important part of a healthy indoor climate.

Maintenance ensures functionality, stability and will often save a lot of time and money due to unnecessary costs and fees.


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