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HENCO 9090 Special electrolysis of Mineralized Water

The World Health Organization WHO estimates that infections every year cause at least 37,000 deaths in Europe. HENCO 9090 GoBright has antimicrobial activity against different gram-negative and gram-positive microorganisms (incl. agents nosocomial and anaerobic infections and Microbacterium tuberculosis), viruses (incl. adenovirus, influenza virus, parainfluenza, avian, swine influenza and other types of influenza virus, agents of […]

New product HENCO 1020 Removes Rust Stains/Flash Rust and Scale build-up

Treat and remove both marine growth and scale build-up from any seawater cooling equipment, piping systems and vessel hulls. The problem Marine growthis a challengethatboatownershave facedfor severalyears. It has been one of the major cause sof malfunctions inA/C & refrigeration systems, pumps,impeller failures, piping and other seawater coolingsystems on board.The growth reduces the equipment efficiency […]

The use of Eca-water on ships

The use of Eca-water on ships. With HENCO 9090 you can replace the vast majority of chemical cleaners. HENCO 9090 is environmentally friendly and harmless to animals and humans. Should you get to drink it, nothing will happen. The right solution to a problem today is not only a solution that is effective, but also […]

Many bacteria, viruses and parasites are dangerous to humans

Our Mission, to make water disinfection and disinfection better, safer and greener. Our Vision,  wish to contribute to improving water resources and water quality, using Green Technology. Our Values, we wish to solve both the challenges of today and the future with knowledge and unique technology and create better, greener and safer water disinfection solutions. […]

New product HENCO 9090 Series Cleaning and disinfection of equipment in the fish and food industry.

Henco combines a range of products, technologies and techniques aimed at increasing the profitability of our customers’ businesses, using safe, environmentally friendly cleaning and disinfection technologies. Our activities meet the greatest demand in every sector of the modern economy: achieving maximum efficiency and cost savings while ensuring the safety of people and the environment in […]

Electrochemically activated liquids for healthcare sector

A device that disinfects, purifies and ionizes water with electro-chemical activation. Produces slightly alkaline electron-abundant water – good for patient recovery RedOx -50…-750 – good digestion, antioxidant  effect with smaller water clusters that create a less energetic barrier to penetrate into the cells. More than 1000 devices were installed in hospitals in Russia. More than […]